I had been in pain so long I didn’t think I’d ever feel good again. After just a few appointments, Dr. Lytle-Vieira helped me more than I ever dreamed possible. Before, I could barely walk around the block, now I’m up to a mile a day.   – Homemaker

My primary care physician recommended Dr. Lytle-Vieira for treatment of hip pain. My condition improved greatly after three treatments. A few months later, I had a fractured sternum from a car crash. Once again, Dr. Saskia’s treatment helped with my body’s ability to heal itself. I don’t understand exactly how her treatments work, but I can testify that they are effective. And, I am grateful.”  – Retiree

I feel blessed to have found Dr. Saskia Lytle-Vieira, D.O. She is exceedingly capable, sensitive and wise in her transforming method of treating patients who seek the best possible avenue to treating chronic pain”  —Philanthropist

I cannot recommend Dr. Lytle-Vieira highly enough. Although I do not claim to understand the science behind osteopathy, the fact is I have had rapid and substantial relief for a problem which had stubbornly resisted chiropractic and regular medical care (even including multiple steroid injections) for years. – Attorney

Saskia, the treatment you did on my right arm made an amazing difference. You totally solved the problem! I can’t believe that it took me over 20 years to find a solution. So thank you thank you thank you!!!  –Physician

Dear Dr. Lytle-Vieira, I have now had two treatments, and the results are fantastic.  Thank you for all you do.   – Attorney

Dr. Saskia was able to help my baby at only a few weeks old. He was crying throughout the day and seemed inconsolable. A friend mentioned that OMT might help. After the very first visit with Dr. Saskia, he immediately stopped crying and was back to being happy most of the time. I couldn’t believe the change I saw and how quickly it happened.    – Business owner

I began treatment in December 2009 for a painful right shoulder and right knee. The treatment for both was very helpful. I no longer have pain in either. Dr. Saskia’s treatment was great. She is certainly a skillful and kind person.   – Clergy member

Dr. Lytle-Vieira treats my arthritis that has impacted the joints of my two fingers. They are swollen, becoming deformed, and sometimes quite painful. Her treatment completely relieves the pain and numbness I experience. It is like magic without needles or medication, just her knowledge and skilled touch bring me relief which allows my fingers full function.  – Registered Nurse and Director of Perioperative Services

Dear Dr. Lytle-Vieira, I wanted to express my appreciation for the care, and more importantly, the results of your work on my neck. It was after the 3rd visit that my neck completely quit hurting and I discovered I now have full rotation with no discomfort at all. I could not be more pleased. I sincerely appreciate your skill, approach, and effectiveness in working with me.   – Training and sales manager

From the beginning, my treatment by Dr. Saskia Lytle-Vieira has been remarkable.  After the first visit, I felt energized and “lighter”. Forty-eight hours later my low back pain had diminished by half. I was dumbfounded. I woke up on the third morning after treatment and something seemed wrong. I finally realized it wasn’t wrong – it was gone. No back pain.  – Homemaker

Dr. Lytle-Vieira, I just wanted to thank you for your compassion and understanding. I think you are wonderful and have done wonders to help me get better.  – Adoption Specialist

I have had a locked jaw due to TMJ disorder for over a year. Everyday was painful and I had very little range of motion. After my treatments with Dr. Lytle-Vieira, I experienced better range of motion and most of the pain is gone. I continue to reap the benefits. – Homemaker

I injured my left elbow while at the gym, basically overextending it to the point of injury. The range of motion loss was amazing, and the pain associated with the limitation was incredible. I got a sling and some medicine from urgent care. Then I saw Dr. Lytle-Vieira. She asked questions to get the full picture and then she started feeling my arms, and within a few moments the pain was nearly nonexistent. I don’t even know what she was doing, but the pain was gone. Three days after my injury I was pain free thanks to Dr. Lytle-Vieira.   – Receptionist

During a period of severe back pain, I saw Dr. Lytle-Vieira twice for adjustments. I feel she definitely “went the extra mile” for me. She is very kind, considerate and compassionate, while at the same time maintaining her professionalism. I will definitely be seeing her in the future when the need arises.   – Retiree

When I first saw Dr. Lytle-Vieira, I had tremendous pain originating in my left shoulder and shooting through my arm.  Her treatment was unique because it was unhurried and painless; she was extremely thorough.  Just as she explained, I felt dramatic relief within just a few days.  My pain has not returned.  Dr. Lytle-Vieira is a quality physician who provides a unique, highly effective mode of treatment.  I eagerly recommend her superior patient care.   – Public School Educator

Dr. Lytle-Vieira treated me for low back pain, but she also treated several other areas after a thorough examination. The results were wonderful, and it was a blessing to be pain free after hurting for so long. She is very skilled with her hands, and her approach is gentle, yet very effective. I fully recommend Dr. Lytle-Vieira.   – Physician

I was afflicted with terrible neck pain. I hardly could move my head left or right because of the pain. This was even affecting my driving, since I could not move my neck to check on passing cars. That is when I consulted Dr. Lytle-Vieira.  Her magical hands performed one treatment on me. Her osteopathic magic worked marvels. I was completely relieved from my pain. I highly recommend Dr. Lytle-Vieira. She is a skilled and gifted osteopathic physician.  –Retired Professor

My treatment with Dr. Lytle-Vieira immediately put me at ease. Her treatment methods are both gentle and effective, and I felt both immediate and delayed relief of my symptoms. Her manner is very professional and comfortable, and any patient should feel well cared for by the highest standards after treatment.   -Physician